Tweetup after Podcamp at the Flying Monkey!

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FYI – after we’re done with Podcamp Topeka … DON’T GO HOME! Instead, head a few blocks south of the library to the Flying Monkey, who is sponsoring our after-the-event tweetup!

They’ll supply some food and coffee, and we’ll supply the fun! here’s a map to the Flying Monkey. Hope to see everyone there after Podcamp Topeka!

We Need Session Speakers!

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Podcamp Topeka 2012 is just around the corner! And guess what? We need YOU to come speak at the event! So far, here are some of the amazing topics people have suggested: how to make videos and post them, time management, Privacy is Not Dead, Hack Yourself Before You Get Hacked, Audio Podcasting 101 – How to go from […]

We have a Keynote speaker for Podcamp Topeka 2012!

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We have a keynote speaker for this year’s Podcamp Topeka 2012! This year, Rob Walch will be speaking. Some of you might remember Rob as one of our session speakers a few years ago. Rob will do a great job of filling us in on the future of multimedia and the web! Here’s more info […]

Attend Podcamp Topeka 2012!

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Podcamp Topeka 2012 is gearing up! Here’s the what, when, where, and how: What is Podcamp Topeka? It’s a low cost unconference dedicated to emerging web media – social networks, podcasting & videoblogging, blogging, Twitter, Facebook, photography, and web design, for starters. Our goal? To learn about social media from social media experts, to network with […]

Ben Smith Offers Hints at Keynote Topic

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Podcamp’s keynote speaker, Ben Smith, is the owner of Social:IRL, a boutique social media operation in Lawrence, Kan. He is connected and very engaged – but not too busy to give you a sneak peek of what awaits attendees of Podcamp Topeka 2011. (Hint: it will be eyebrow-raising fun.) We caught up with Ben earlier […]